Excursion A - Neogene deposits of Lisboa and Setúbal Peninsula


  • M. Telles Antunes
  • João Pais
  • Paulo Legoinha


The main goal of this excursion is to show the Miocene series of the Lower Tagus basin in Lisbon region. It comprises a very complete sucession of mostly marine and some continental beds since lowermost Miocene (Aquitanian) to Upper Miocene (Tortonian), corresponding to seven cycles characterized by a marine transgression and the next regression. Most of these beds are rich in fossils. Hence it was possible to obtain a fairly accurate local time-scale based on both marine and continental fossils, K-Ar glauconite ages and paleomagnetism. Conditions are particularly suited for marine/continental correlation. As many of the classical sections are now under buildings in Lisbon, the best exposures are those at Setubal Peninsula, just South of Lisbon. Except for Aquitanian, all later levels are well exposed here.







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