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Presentation Technical Data Preamble Editorial Articles Stratigraphy, sedimentary patterns, and reservoir characteristics of Jurassic carbonate successions in the Lusitanian Basin A. C. Azerêdo & L. V. Duarte The Lower Jurassic at Peniche (Lusitanian Basin): recent advances in Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Geology L. V. Duarte1, E. Mattioli, R. B. Rocha & R. L. Silva The tectono-stratigraphic evolution of an Atlantic-type basin: an example from the Arrábida sector of the Lusitanian Basin J. C. Kullberg & M. C. Kullberg The Lourinhã Formation: The Upper Jurassic to lowermost Cretaceous of the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal – landscapes where dinosaurs walked O. Mateus, J. Dinis & P. P. Cunha Stratigraphy and sequence correlations in the Lower Cretaceous around Lisbon J. Rey & P. Caetano Special Section (electronic version only) Bacia Lusitânica ou Bacia Lusitaniana? R. B. Rocha & J. C. Kullberg António Nascimento Joaquim (1933 – 2013) R. B. Rocha & J. C. Kullberg Michel John O'Hara (Mike O'Hara) (1933 -2014) M. S. Bravo † Charles André Mangold (1933 – 2014) R. B. Rocha Jacques Pierre Maurice Thierry (1941 – 2014) R. B. Rocha Manuel Teixeira Sarmento da Silveira Pereira Bravo (1933 – 2015) João Pais† & Joaquim Simão João José Cardoso Pais (1949 – 2016) M. T. Antunes, R. B. Rocha & J. C. Kullberg